The role of media agency in a borderless world in new definition

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We all board a connected and border less world. All brands ar acting on innovative contributions that complement business
strategies, and facilitate grow the scope of the business. All media platforms ar effort to require competitive lead by victimisation
creative technological tools.

The growing wants of brands, and also the market, ar redefining the role of media in an exceedingly border less whole world. At the Advertising
arena’s common annual event, Media Review 2014, CVL Srinivas, corporate executive South Asia, GroupM, HT Media, CEO, Rajiv Verma, and
CEO, Shashi Sinha, IPG Media brands gave insights to what this definition suggests that in every of their various businesses.

The Media Agency

Srinivas compared the evolution of man with the evolution of media Advertising agency. He told it’s in its seventh stage nowadays.
“The initial stage of media evolution happened within the middle Nineties once media shopping for retailers were being created in Asian country. And the next
stage came once media coming up with business abstracted of the inventive outdoor agencies. when that most media agencies began to
diversify, putting in allied businesses, be it out of home or digital, so as to produce what they referred to as, 360-degree
solutions,” .


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