Luxury brands trying cinema halls and TV advertisement to target buyers

Cinema halls and TV advertisement

It is NOT usual for a renowned jewellery brand, who sells highly expensive items like a Rs 50-crore necklace through auctions, to use advertisements in movie cinema halls and malls for popcorn-munching viewers. But designer “namesake jewellery” label does exactly the same recently.

“Be it a person who earns Rs 5,000 or Rs A crore per month, everyone used to watch films in India. It is really a unique and great way to reach out to a larger set of potential clients,” the designer explains. “It is a focuses way to reach to a larger set of potential buyers, but what you show and places where it has to be shown need to be chosen carefully.”Since,Most of the luxury brand players who already have started using mass media including DTH ,TV, cinema and mainstream newspapers to reach out to a growing set of audience are open new areas of growth, instead of limiting themselves to the lifestyle magazines and airport hoardings and billboards.

As reported by MyHoardings , Many of luxury brands across various categories such as automobile, watches,luxury clothing, jewellery and cosmetics including Rado,Jaguar and Bentley have started advertising through cinema halls ,Shopping malls and televisions.

The Collective, a multi company brand retail shop chain that sells premium and luxury merchandise from close to a 100 brands in India, is contemplating tying up with DTH services providers to put out ads through the digital video recorders, while cosmetics brand Forest Essentials that markets itself as luxury ayurveda has already launched television commercials.

Ashok Patidar , Co-Founder at TheMediabazaar is of the view that experimenting with various advertisement mediums is new to luxury brands was an investment for the the times to come. “The view was highlighted that wastage happens on mass media advertising, but having so much growing money in India, there is a huge potential to tap the new consumers from Cinema halls and TV advertisement.

The luxury market in India is still at initial stage and so is innovative advertising spend by luxury brands. As per estimates suggest that in China, luxury brands share in total media spendingaround is around 10% compared to .5% in India.This, even supported by CVL Srinivas South Asia CEO of GroupM ,”However, the timing is like that the economy looks good and so many new brands are willing to do business in India on a long term… The business scenario is changing.

To make sure of minimum wastage, new luxury brands are targeting specifically high-definition TV channels and movie cinema halls like PVR’s located in good localities using Cinema halls and TV advertisement.

“So now, it is possible to do a targeted break down the kind of audience we want to send our message ,rather than addressing a large un related crowd,” said Samrath Bedi,of Forest Essentials. He added that Tele Vision now has a variety of quality content that offers the right value to luxury brands.

Gautam Dutta,COO at film exhibitor PVR, said luxury brand players contribute around 20% to its income from advertising and marketing and its share is continuously growing. Before seven years, luxury as a business category was non-existent for PVR.
Apart from luxury carmakers and watch brands,fashion brands, bathroom fittings, luxury real estate projects and even taxi services like Uber are promoting and advertising in its posh movie halls. “The person who pays Rs 1,000 for a single movie ticket is a potential audience and the right target for these kind of brands and companies” Dutta from PVR group said.

A brand normally pays anywhere between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 4 lakh per auditorium every month, he said. As reported by TheMediaBazaar , PVR earned Rs 150 crore from in-cinema billboards and signage advertising last year.

Also,Some luxury brands are creating by-invitation exhibitions and events to showcase their works/services to make sure appropriate message is communicated to the right focussed audience.A luxury concierge service provider Quintessentially ,has partnered with top media marketing investment firm GroupM to hold a luxury festival in March coming year.”Our plan is to get around 50 exhibitors and connect with them with the correct audience of India,” said Amit,founder of Quintessentially.

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