Advertisement Solution for Connected TV by Opera

App publishers, Smart TV set manufacturers and pay TV operators will now be able to monetize their content by serving video advertising to customers, on any platform, with the launch of the Opera TV Ads SDK(Software Development Kit) from Opera Software.

Opera’s video advertising and marketing solution was earlier available only to apps marketed and distributed by the Opera TV Store platform and was made through the Opera TV Snap tech, which in real transforms online video channels to apps for linked-TV devices. As of now, advertisement opportunities are available as a single feature for any HTML5 app or Smart Tele Vision device, whether for the TV Store or other online application platforms. The solution actually leverages and combines with Opera Mediaworks, Opera’s globally reknowned new media advertising platform.

Easier advertisement integration for operators,publishers and manufacturers:
The Opera TV Ads SDK made it simpler than ever before for app publishers to combine advertising into their content, to enable premium brands to buy publishers’ inventory. Built on latest HTML5 for scalable and flexible deployments, the SDK provides instant access to a global TV advertisement solution supply by Opera Mediaworks’ integrated and official demand partners across many networks, and Opera’s owned and functioning ad networks and demand-side platform. Advertisement management and reporting is really made simple with a web-based online central dashboard. The Opera TV SDK also helps publishers to schedule,upload and track their sold campaigns directly.

About Opera TV:

The Opera TV portfolio has rich web experiences on millions of Smart Tele Vision sets,Blu-ray Disc players,set-top boxes and chipsets for more than 55 customers, including Samsung, Swisscom,Sony, TiVo, Philips and TCL. Tap into the complete new suite of tools for making compelling connected-TV user experience. The whole Opera TV ecosystem spans the Opera Tele Vision Store app platform with numerous of entertaining apps particularly made for TV, Opera Devices software development kit for the creation and providing HTML5-based user interfaces, and also the Opera TV browser for it’s reach to the full web. Opera TV provides solutions for pay-TV operators,OEMs,broadcasters and content publishers. Using the Opera Mediaworks advertising platform, Opera TV can really help make money and drive traffic to content through an E2E advertising services solution.

Ashish Singh

Advertisement and marketing professional , working continuously to simplify the Out of home OOH industry and providing single platform to provide all kind of advertising needs viz. Outdoor hoardings,Rural advertising,Bus and Cab advertising,Digital display boards and Airport advertising

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